About Us


    Wall Sawing

    This gives us the ability to cut precise, straight lines on any size square opening up to 24 inches thick. We also have chain saws for situations like mechanical openings or not being able to over-cut an opening.

    Slab Sawing & Hand Sawing

    We have both electric and diesel slab saws capable of cutting in any environment such as hospitals, schools, or in the center of an interstate. These saws have the ability to cut concrete and asphalt up to a thickness of 17 inches. Also, for those hard to reach places like bathrooms and electrical rooms, we have both hydraulic and electric hand saws.

    Concrete Scanning

    Scanning concrete is very beneficial when looking for electrical or any other obstruction in the slab or just under the slab. The scanner will read to a depth of 24 inches.

    Wire Sawing

    This gives us the ability to cut any size opening at any thickness. These saws are ideal for cutting bridges into multiple pieces or cutting through a wall 6 feet thick such as a bank vault.

    Core Drilling

    We have the ability to core drill holes through asphalt and concrete ranging in sizes from 1 inch to 30 inches in diameter. We have the capability to drill to any desired depth. Holes larger than 30 inches are available when ample amount of time is provided.

    Concrete Removal and Haul-Off

    We have the necessary equipment, such as skid steers and dump trucks, to take on any removal and all haul-off site needs.


    This machine is perfect for the removal of concrete demolition inside of warehouses or asphalt construction in roads and parking lots.

    Slurry Recovery Unit

    We have the ability to take slurry off site and dispose of it in ordinance with EPA and OSHA guidelines. This is perfect for projects like airports and hospitals when disposal of slurry on site is not an option.